The Conflict between Civilizations and Barbarism 《賽德克·巴萊》文明與野蠻間的衝突

The Conflict between Civilizations and Barbarism 《賽德克·巴萊》文明與野蠻間的衝突



在2011年多項入圍金馬獎的《賽德克·巴萊》(Seediq Bale)描寫的是在1930年莫那魯道帶領賽德克族反抗日本長期壓迫原住民而引發的霧社事件,也是台灣有史以來最大製作規模的電影!



1. 「如果要用年輕的生命換取圖騰印記,那用什麼來換取年輕的性命?」「驕傲!」
"You want to sacrifice their lives in exchange for these tattoos, but what does it take to get these young lives back?" "Pride!"



2. 如果文明是要我們卑躬屈膝,那我就讓你們看見野蠻的驕傲。
If your civilization wants us to cringe, I'll show you the pride of savages.



3. 日本人比森林樹葉還茂密、比濁水溪的石頭還多,可我反抗的決心比奇萊山還要堅定。
There are more Japanese people than the tree leaves in the forest, than the pebbles in Jhuoshuei River, but my determination to fight them is more adamant than Mt. Chilai.



4. 真正的人可以輸掉身體,但是一定要贏得靈魂。
A Seediq Bale can lose his body, but he fights to keep his soul at all cost.



5. 不管再怎麼裝扮,我們還是改變不了,這張不被文明接受的臉。
However hard we try to dress up like the Japanese, we'll always be seen as uncivilized people.






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