More than a Martial Arts Movie 《臥虎藏龍》

More than a Martial Arts Movie 《臥虎藏龍》







1. 把手握緊,裡面什麼也沒有,把手鬆開,你擁有的是一切
There's nothing we can hold onto in this world.Only by letting go can we finally possess what is real.


2. 江湖裡臥虎藏龍,人心裡何嘗不是?
Crouching tigers and hidden dragons are in the underworld, but so are human feelings.
Swords and knives harbor unknown perils, but so do human relationships.


3. 我已經浪費了這一生,我要用這口氣對你說,我一直深愛著你!
l've already wasted my whole life. l want to tell you with my remaining strength that l love you. l always have.


4. 你給了我一個江湖的夢,我看不到天地的邊,不知道該往哪裡去,我又能跟
You enchanted me with the dream of the Jiang Hu underworld.
But l had no one to guide me, no one to follow, no one to learn from.


5. 答應我,不論你對此生的決定為何,一定要真誠的對待自己。
Promise me whatever path you decide to take in this life, be true to yourself.




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